Who am I ?

Pascal Maillard, born in 1957.

I sign my photographs with my first name : Pascal.

In 1976, I followed a technical formation to acquire the bases of photography. But I am above all autodidact.


What do I make ?

The starting point of my work is always a photograph on black and white film. I use then various processes to obtain the desired result. The catch of sight is in black and white, but the result is generally coloured.

At the beginning, the still life was one of my favorite subjects. I also carried out many photographs of architecture, where I was interested mainly in decrepitude and the details carrying the mark of time. Then, since 1989, I directed myself towards a more abstract creation.


Where ?

My first exhibition took place in 1987. Since then, many personal or collective exhibitions, with other photographers, but also painters and sculptors (French and foreign).

My photographs are present in many private and public collections.

The Nicéphore Niepce Museum (Chalon-sur-Saône, France) acquired several of my photographs.